Web Data Maintenance Plans Available

What is Web maintenance?

Web Maintenance is a service that allows adjustment and updates to a web site. Maintenance is an important part of having a website. If your content, offers, etc. don’t change from time to time you may lose your audience or their return to your site. Common examples of web maintenance may include changing text, images, promotions, or advertisements on your site.

Why you need web maintenance?

Web maintenance allows you to accomplish your business goals by changing content, editing text, images, and other items when you have promotions, specials, and advertisements on your site allows you to react to market conditions. Internet users will come back for information if the site changes frequently. Increased Usability, a high usability site often translates to increased sales      

Available Plans

Option 1

Option 1

Plan Cost Per Month 98 €
4 h of maintenance time per month
48 hours response time on all requests
15 minute increments charge
Option 2

Option 2

8 h of maintenance time per month
48 hours response time on all requests
15 minute increments charge
Option 3

Option 3

16 h of maintenance time per month
24 hours response time on all requests
15 minute increments charge
Option 4

Option 4

24 h of maintenance time per month
24 hours response time on all requests
15 minute increments charge
Note: Maintenance time is valid within working hours 9:00 - 13:00 / 14:00 - 18:00 . (Local Cyprus Time)


Pay As You Go

  All you pay is €0,50 per minute and there is no limit on the amount of credit  you can buy. Our flexible credit system allows you to spread website amendments throughout 12 months from the day of purchase.
Prior to making any changes, we will give you a quote on the full cost and ensure that you agree with the price. Once our work is complete, your credit balance will be adjusted by the amount spent

* Minimum purchase time 15 minutes (€7,50)
19% Vat not included in all prices

Important Note: The web data maintenance fee is due monthly in advance. Monthly data maintenance hours that are not used by the end of the month will not be transferred to the next month.


What are Some Typical Website Updates?

Overall Site Improvements:
Your website’s most reliable performance appraisal is the one you receive from customers visiting your site. Questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions generated from site visitors provide indispensable feedback to improve your site. With website maintenance, you can use these suggestions to enhance your site and your online performance.
Product/Service Updates:
New products and services will need to be added, prices will change, and old products and services will need to be removed. By keeping your products and services up-to-date with website maintenance, you leverage your online business above the competition. 
Ecommerce specials:
By offering special promotions, discount programs, and more, you keep your online business competitive. Short-term and long-term sales initiatives will require updates to your site. Routine website maintenance enables you to strengthen your sales with unique offers for your ecommerce store.
Interactivity maintenance:
With ever-evolving technologies, a website begins to look and act old if the interactive components are not consistently updated. If your site’s development pieces are not working at top levels on all browsers, you’ll lose customers and weaken your online reputation. Website maintenance fine-tunes your site to ensure your website interactivity is working properly. The successful interactivity of your website will help to market your products and services while capturing new clients.

What’s Included in the Website Maintenance Plans?

Website Maintenance Plans include all the standard updates necessary to maintain a website.
Covered Support
Examples of services included in the website maintenance plans include*:
·         Text: Additions or deletions
·         Photos: Additions, deletions and basic retouching
·         Webpages: Additions or deletions using existing webpage design
·         Navigation: Basic navigational changes (add, move or delete an item in the navigation)
·         File Downloads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents
·         Videos: Insertion or deletion of pre-edited video
·         Links: Additions or deletions
·         Color and Background Images: Changes/replacements
·         Flash: Text-only changes and basic photo replacement in Flash animation
·         Forms: Dynamic form layout and integration (limited to forms not requiring database integration, such as a Contact Us form)
·         All Standard Support: Help with e-mail set-up, etc.
*Please note: this list is an example of the services included in the website maintenance plans. This is not a complete list.

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