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Manage Your Hotel Bookings!

Hotel Management System (lbHMS)

lbHMS is a property management and reservation system for full service accommodation businesses. This function rich system will allow you to improve reservation management efficiencies and increase bookings. 

Room Rates

Regardless of your property type, lbHMS allows you to enter a comprehensive array of room rates, schedule specific rates for a date range, have minimum length of stays and package rooms and services together. 

Occupancy Calendar

Keep track of all of your bookings and edit them from our easy-to-use calendar.

Create Your Property Website

lbHMS provides you with a website, an easy to use administration area, and secure hosting - everything you need to sell your rooms online.  Customize your site's design: Upload a logo, change appearences and more. You have full control of your website.

Online Booking Engine

Make booking online an excellent experience for your guests, with our first-rate booking engine. integrate this in to your website, so that guests can book directly with you- and you don’t pay any commission

Automatic Emailling Triggered on Booking

Confirm your guests’ bookings, welcome them and thank them for their stay, all without lifting a fingerConfirm your guests’ bookings, welcome them and thank them for their stay, all without lifting a finger

Sell your Rooms Online

In your property administration area you can add new room types, organize your rates and seasons, manage reservations and customers, create web content and more. You can sell all your room inventory using the online booking engine and the channel manager fully integrated to your inventory.

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