Reliable hosting solutions

Looking for powerful business web hosting? Our Dedicated Virtual hostign is the best choice for a scalable, easy to use virtual hosting solution. 


Faster & More Reliable

High-end hardware, RAID-10 SAS disks & the fastest OS virtualization technology available make lbHosting fastern and more relaible than the competition

Control Panel 

cPanel simplifies administration, while root access gives you total control. Customize your lbHosting to fit your needs.

Start Small, Grow Big

Resources when you need them. Easily grow from 1GB of RAM up to 64GB always with the click of a button.


Available Plans

lbSmall Hosting

lbSmall Hosting

Plan Cost Per Year 95 €
Quota: 250Mb
Bandwidth: 25Gb
Databases: 5
Subdomains: 5
Email accounts: 25
FTP accounts:5
lbBasic - Hosting

lbBasic Hosting

Plan Cost Per Year 175 €
Quota: 500Mb
Bandwidth: 50Gb
Databases: 10
Subdomains: 10
Email accounts: 50
FTP accounts:10
lbDeluxe Hosting

lbDeluxe Hosting

Plan Cost Per Year 250 
Quota: 1000Mb
Bandwidth: 100Gb
Databases: 20
Subdomains: 20
Email accounts: 100
FTP accounts:20
lbPremium Hosting

Quotation Needed

More than 1000Mb
Bandwidth: 100Gb

Note: VAT 19% NOT Included 

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