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Practice Management System

Track your patients records and mange their files with iatrico. Your time is too valuable to waste learning complex and dysfunctional programs. iatrico takes only a few minutes to get accustomed to and work on!

Scheduling Made Easy

Patient scheduling was never been easier or more flexible.

Central to the practice is the scheduler. A crisp, clear organization and presentation of appointments is the secret. Drag-and-drop simplicity makes our appointment book a no brainer. And the fact that it can be accessed anywhere, or even on your smartphone, makes it a favorite.

It is used to record and display the relevant information while making appointments or quickly retrieving information about them. The appointment blocks display the provider (colour coded), patient's name, current status of the appointment and appointment type. The appointment blocks are draggable and resizable.

Patient Information

Be on top of all aspects of your patient information by concentrating and organizing it all in one place. The panel shows the most critical and essential information at the top: personal info, general and medical alerts, the list of all patient's appointments in the past and future as well as the financial balances and deposits.

Electronic Charting

comfortably replace paper in an existing office or start fresh with no paper at all in a new build.

Web Based or local installation

Recall / Nofitications

Recall is the process of rescheduling missed appointments or calling to confirm patient appointments to increase revenue. The main purpose for a recall system is to ensure the quality oral health of the patients. The increased production maximizes the efficiency and profitability of the practice.

Getting paid just got easier.

Professional Statements lbmrs provides you with exactly what you want and your patients need: clear and concise statements with an easy-to-find balance, payment instructions, and an appointment reminder list for members of the same family. 

Reports & Management 

Every office needs to keep tabs on the pulse of the practice. How? By analyzing performance using our variety of in-depth reports.

Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan contains approved procedures. The procedures in the Treatment Plan can be grouped into visits which then can be easily allocated to particular appointments.


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