lbFrameWork - Overview

LightBlack FrameWork (lbFW) 

Yes it is in fact yet another web programming framework. Why bother? Most of the web programming frameworks out there, yet offering amazing features and capabilities to the developer, they do that in a difficult way even for the simplest task. That is why we have designed a framework that can get anyone started with minimum programming knowledge and coding.

Database Abstraction

With our in-house developed Object-Relational Mapper based on Propel technology, integration to any database, is as easy as it can get. An XML schema definition is converted to a schema SQL and to the database abstraction PHP files providing the CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) functionality.

XML to PHP code generation

Grids, forms, dashboards, reports, all essential parts of a modern web application but very difficult to implement over an over again. No need for that. Just write XML and let the framework generate (without command line magic) the code for all of these tools.

Full Featured

Packed with all the latest web goodies to help the developer create a top notch product. JQuery, jQuery UI, CKEditor, elFinder and mpdf are just some of the amazing libraries and tools a modern web application needs. Moreover our powerful grid and the numerous element loaded form create a full featured framework.

Easily Expandable

Even though lbFW can create most of the code a developer will need, it offers several entry points. Developer can easily extend the existing or create new system or customer specific functionality.

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