Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (search engine optimization) is  fundamental for businesses that opt for the best possible ranking on search engines.

The business that can achieve the best results compared to its competition will have more visitors and thus more customers.

Many businesses still ignore the meaning and the techniques offered by SEO losing a large portion of the market! 

A great percentage of visitors in websites come from search engine results and links. In order for your website to figure among the top search results of certain key words it is necessary to promote your website within the search engines.

At LightBlack we offer SEO services and competition study for the upgrade of your websites position on search engines. 

At LightBlack we offer SEO services and competition study for the upgrade of your websites position on search engines. 

This is achieved through:

  • The amelioration of content navigation and technical elements of your website; The so called On-site Search Engine Optimization
  • The creation of links towards your website using back-linking or Search Engine Optimization

Applying creatively optimum Search Engine Optimization practices we shape the structure and content that are required for higher ranking on search engines.

On Site SEO


- - -
Optimizing your website on a technical level. We add all the necessary components such as meta-tags, titles, headlines, descriptions, semantic HTML, alt tags so that your website can accommodate all the new information given for the search engines. At the same time we look into how we can better the websites’ loading speed.

Monitoring SEO


- - -
Monthly reports for your sites’ ranking on search engines for your chosen key words as well as variations of visitors’ numbers from organic results.
With the completion of this process your site will be more accessible online concerning the selected key words on main search engines. 

Website Audit SEO


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Assessment of your websites’ search engine returns. We also take under consideration the current ranking of your website on search engines for certain key words. This is achieved with the use of applications that provide visitation statistics, such as Google Analytics.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website in order to achieve a higher ranking through certain key words on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). It includes many techniques that aim at attracting users and potential customers without having to pay for advertising. Some of these techniques are link building, guest blogging, keyword research, competitor analysis etc. The ultimate goal is to increase the so called organic traffic. SEO is a pivotal part of marketing for businesses in our times. Something utterly logical, since the essential goal of this process is to find customers and increase your profit. Statistic studies have shown that over 80% of users do not look past the first result page. This alone proves the significance and necessity of the SEO process.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers to the strategies and ways of promoting a website or a company online, with or without fees. Within its frame, SEO, SEM, SMM and many other techniques such as email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, blog marketing etc. are included. Digital Marketing’ s goal is: 1) To promote a product/service of a business/website. 2) The study of the needs of potential customers 3) The discovery of new markets to promote the goods or services of an online company As far as strategies that one needs to use are, it depends from the business profile and type of website, as well as its profit goals.


Search Engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is part of Digital Marketing, aiming at promoting a website on search engine rankings. Many wrongly believe that the terms SEM and SEO describe the same thing. The truth is that SEM is a broader sense that includes ways of promoting a website online with the help of SEO and other strategies where payment is imperative. For example “pay per click” where the employer pays for each click on his ad, Cost per impression, Search analytics, Google Adwords etc. The simultaneous use of techniques is a complicated process that needs to be handled by professionals.

Social Media Marketing

The SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategy is the promotion of a website through Social Networks (Facebook , Google+, Twitter,LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube κτλ.). Following the latest upgrades from Google in 2012 the importance of Social Media Marketing has increased drastically for the Google search engine. Its main goal is to promote new content, capable of intriguing the interest of users, so that in their turn they will share it with their friends. Advertising then happens from mouth to mouth and is considered quite reliable. SMM is another way, apart from blogging, to publish the latest upgrades and changes on our website while finding new customers at the same time. The results from the many SMM techniques are not always immediate, but in the long term help to correctly develop and promote your website.
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