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Graphic Communication

The way we interact, communicate and and above all market ourselves, our products and our companies through cyberspace has become of vital and utmost importance since we have to strive to differentiate and distinguish ourselves from the competition. Here at Lightblack we do just that. In essence we offer the fundamental nature of what internet marketing is all about. The epitome and personification of online marketing through extensive, personal and high-end design, graphic solutions and branding, to help raise your voice above your competition. 


Raise your voice

One of the most significant accomplishments of mankind is the invention of the internet. Through cyberspace we can communicate and interact with anyone in the world. As our world gets smaller, our voice should grow stronger.

Logo Design

Your logo is probably the most important feature and characteristic of your company. A strong logo is what will distinguish you over your competition and what your potential and existing customers will recognize you by. Your logo is what will stamp and seal your reliability.
Your logo must inspire intimacy, confidence, assurance and above all trust. In order to achieve the latter, your logo must undoubtedly contain colour, graphics and usage of fonts. The design of your logo must coincide and be compatible with the essence of your product and service. Here at Lightblack, we are up-to-date and have access to the latest technology of colour, sound and graphic enhancement. With our profound and acclaimed experience and expertise , we are highly proficient in combining all the characteristics needed in order to pass on the message to your customers through a powerful and influential logo which will promote confidence and trust.
Elementary marketing, teaches how a company’s logo can be the break or make factor in a firm’s success. Whether short term or long term, here at Lightblack we strive to give longevity, durability and endurance to your logo, making it instantly recognizable and trustworthy. Together in a step by step careful process, we will be build your mark towards success.


Business Card Design

Your business card is a small space approximately 85 χ 55 mm which will reflect your entire company. It is the ambassador of your business. This is why its design is of utmost importance. Your business card should identify seriousness, pride, admiration and even envy. But in order for your business card to remain in your potential clients’ agenda, it must stand out, be attractive and recognizable. Business cards are not just a means to provide your information details but rather the detail which will boost your meeting, close the deal after the meeting and remind the client of your existence in the future. 
The final touches and finish of the business card are of vital importance in identifying all that characterizes you personally and the ideals which you represent. The paper, ink, printing method, size, fonts and logo all play a significant role in the completion of a successful business card.
Such a small canvas, yet such an important impact. This is what the business card is all about ! 


Letterhead Design

The design of the letterhead is of primary importance and an integral part of the image of your firm as a whole. In conjunction to your business cards, the complimentary slip and your envelopes, it completes the puzzle for a successful representation of your company as a whole. All these together bind your company’s corporate identity and give it strength and quality by making you stand out from your competitors. A variety of specialized materials are available including the use of colours and quality of paper. All these can say a lot about the superiority and eminence  of your brand. You can choose between heavy or light paper, recycled or unbleached and even mat, shiny or silk paper. The sky is the limit.
All the above cannot coexist without the appropriate expert to balance them and bring them to life with art, skill, emotion, ingenuity,  originality and generally all the aesthetics needed to bind, connect and combine the essence of perfection in a letterhead and make someone feel proud and safe to have chosen you and your brand whenever they see your paperwork amongst others on his or her desk.

We know how

Built on a solid foundation of professional master graphic designers and software experts with vast knowledge, skills and above all experience, Lightblack excels and stands out in the fields of animation, photography, free hand design, programming and even in secondary detailed work such as the actual way we print. Whether you are seeking to brand your item, design a logo, print marketing leaflets or business cards, design your own t-shirts or build a state-of-the-art website from scratch, we are the ultimate solution which will without a doubt give your company and product that “extra edge” which will boost your sales to new horizons. 

Team Work 

Our designers work with our Internet Marketing team to ensure the design is not just a perfect representation of your company, but also an effective marketing tool.


Brochure Design

We are currently in the digital age of cyberspace where everything is readily available with the click of a button. This has prompted many skeptics to think that the brochure has become obsolete and outdated. This is a grave mistake. Just like a website, the brochure can play a significant role in the promotion of your goods and services. If your brochure is good, people will keep it. It’s as simple as that. A physical object is more important now than ever.
The brochure is useful and very effective when it comes to attracting new or existing clients. After all, your brochure tells your story. It’s an efficient tool that will help you generate a professional profile of your business, provide information and boost the ethos of your brand.  
Your customers will of course have all that information readily available through your website, but at the same time as they will proceed to read and keep something striking that you left on their desk.
This is where Lighblack comes in. We will ascertain your company’s primary characteristics in addition to what excels you, and we will create a brochure so good that will make people talk about you.


Flyer Design 

Flyers are the most appropriate way for small scale low-cost marketing since they provide instant information on a large scale.
Flyers have several applications for instance to announce a new product or to act as an invitation. Flyers can be used to announce concerts, the opening of clubs, the presentation of a new product or service or even share information regarding a concert or fair. Whatever the occasion, Lightblack will help you choose and design a professional and visually explicit flyer, rich in information which will have a positive impact and boost your corporate identity.
Flyers are a good platform of consumable and unpreserved marketing which will allow you to say whatever you want whenever you want and to whomever you need to say it. The flyer should unquestionably have a professional look and touch since it represents you, your products and your company. Aesthetics are of vital importance and here at Lightblack that is exactly what we do best. For us a successful flyer is one which the potential client will save and keep for future reference and not throw away at a first glance !


Let's Get Started!

During our first meeting together we will document and register all your needs and as far as design and implementation are concerned.
Further to that we will determine the cost and present you with a cost efficient offer. An offer which will contain NO hidden fees and an offer which will be tailored exactly to your needs.
The same procedure is followed whether you need a simple design or a complete branding package.
We can deliver via cd/dvd (at no extra charge), through email or even through a Drop Box Folder.
*Printing Policy
Our company policy is to provide goods and services unto which we have full access and control over. Printing falls under the liability and responsibility of the customer. Our many years of experience and work has gained us familiarization and cooperation with all the leading printing firms both nationally and internationally. This gives us the advantage to recommend and bring you in contact with the right copy centre in order for all your printing to reflect the high expectations of our design.
From lightblack you shall have absolutely everything you need concerning the printing. For example thickness and weight of the paper, colours, type of paper and anything else needed to ensure that when the design leaves lightblack, you will be ensured high end quality final results. 

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